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Mode 3 charging cable set for charging electric and hybrid vehicles with alternating current (AC) via type 2 vehicle charging inlets compatible with infrastructure charging sockets at charging stations for electromobility (EVSE).
Standard cable length – 5 m.

Color: Black
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Charging cable type 2 for electric vehicles

Be it charging at home in the garage or public place – EVAKA charging cables can be used anywhere and charge the vehicle with alternating current.

EVAKA charging cable is the result of extensive engineering teamwork, experience and a quest for total quality and safety. Full control of production process allows a high degree of customization to fulfill every customers requirements. By getting in touch with our sales team and specifying the technical details of the type of cabling required, you can expect a highly professional service tailored to your needs.

Charging cable features

Silver plated pins provide highest electrical conductivity 1

Rubber inserts for better durability and grip 2

Resin filling ensures even heat distribution and water tightness 3

Degree protection IP54

High quality PC-TPE plastic for maximum impact resistance

Cable type H07BZ5-F 4

Charging power up to 22kW

Charging current up to 32A

  • Ergonomic handle with comfortable rubber grip
  • Fully customizable: body color, logo print, cable length and color
  • Soft, elastic cable does not harden in low temperatures
  • Conductive charging according to 62196-1:2014
  • CE certified

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